Saturday, 16 August 2014

Crazy Cat Lady

Its 7:28 pm and I woke up recently from an hour long nap even though I absolutely wasn't deserving of it. Still chugging through exam period. So while I am stretched out on my sofa like a lizard in the Sun (minus of course the Sun and the scales), something hit me. Staring at my adorable one year old persian cat lovingly, it dawns on me I really might end up an old cat lady. Like one of those ABSOLUTELY CRAZY people who walk their cats in prams, yes children PRAMS! If that ever happens you are welcome to sign me in for therapy. 

My oven just rang and Chocolate Fondant is ready. better dig in and proceed with this mind-numbing immunology now. This was fun, bye!


At least she has the decency to look guilty for what she may eventually turn me into!!!

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