Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lazy Weekends

It is Sunday 3pm and I have quite literally done nothing productive. Unless you were to count watching an episode of Gilmore Girls and the newest Greys Anatomy as something one could in any way term productive. I have been so incredibly busy with exams lately, but I think things will be slow down a little for the next couple of weeks at least as the exams I do have aren't quite as big.

Yesterday I cleaned and organized and prepared all my work for today, and now it just needs to be done.

My absolute favourite thing to do on the weekend is sleep in until my body naturally wakes up, which is easily around midday. This is followed by breakfast which of course must include chocolate. This weekend it was pancakes. I like mine with natural low fat yoghurt inside, rolled up and melted chocolate added on top. Then I proceed to get right back into bed after making it, and watch series for the better part of the afternoon.

I have signed up for the gym! It ocurred somewhere in between revision about two weeks ago that I realised I will die at the age of 50 or less if I don't get my act together and do some exercise and at least attempt to eat more healthy. Doing classes has been my solution as we all know how much I hate working out on my own. Spinning has always been a favourite of mine, now pilates is joining the mix and a new thing called piloxing. It is apparently a mix of pilates, boxing, dancing and some ballet moves. It is fun and seems to be actually working for me.

OMG, yesterday also happened to be a legally blonde movie day for me. One simply cannot stress how good those movies are! Both of them. Motivating, inspiring and especially the second all about a great cause and raising awareness about the cosmetic industry and animal testing. LOVE IT

Anywhooo I am planning on doing some uni work soon and have decided to try a youtube for beginners yoga video. I will get back to you on how that goes. Already sat here in my yoga outfit, so I am prepared.

The other big news or somewhat big is I have made a new blog. This one is fun, but the name and the content just don't seem to merge well. I haven't decided if I will incorporate this one  into my new one or keep them separate, but I shall keep you posted. It is: and is more of a lifestyle blog you could say.

Chat soon x

Monday, 13 October 2014

Getting vetty!

You know when you put off doing something so much you end up feeling like you can't get back on track. That has happened with this blog lately. I have had these ideas, but whenever I get them, it seems I haven't been able to get them down quick enough.

Vet student life is looking up. You will never guess where my arm was last Friday afternoon! OH YES, up a cows rectum, or arse if you will. This is what every vet student waits for impatiently, that day when we can finally truly admit to being a proper vet student. Highlight of my studies I tell you! Yes, yes, there is the delightfulness of it in fact being the cows behind, but I have been preparing for that moment for YEARS! However, what I was in no way whatsoever prepared for was the emptying out of the faeces prior to sticking your arm in there. There are no words, I almost threw up then and there. Luckily that was the professors job, as he was first, then it was done. It was a very bizarre sensation and the cow was have an absolute whale of a time farting away done our arms. All in all quite the experience!

The weather has significantly perked up this weekend, hitting 21 degrees and sunny! So in between the studying I sneaked up the mountain with my boyfriend for some lunch in the Sun, and hopefully got some colour. We also went toboganning (is that even a word?!). It involves a long slide, and a little cart for each person to sit in. You then proceed to be pulled up the slide and can control the break when you go down. I am proud to announce I barely used the break and it was fabulous, reached 39km/h as my record. I rather want to go again next weekend if the weather allows.

I have lately been having issues with restaurants and ordering food and being told they don't have it at the moment. Let me tell you there is nothing more dissappointing than getting all hyped up ALL DAY LONG for dinner and then being told 'sorry miss we don't have prawns tonight'! As a pescatarian who loves her prawns, this did NOT sit well with me and I must admit I almost broke down into tears and demanded we go somewhere else for dinner. Yes, I am that dramatic. In the end I had a grilled salmon salad, which was not bad at all and I might consider going back to the restaurant for it, but I am most definitely NOT OVER IT.

Better get back to my very very exciting revision before I have to go back to class x

p.s. here is a visual.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


It is past 7pm and I just got back from a near fatal bike ride. I don't believe there are enough words in the English language and synonyms to describe how much I fucking HATE working out! Unfortunately my greediness and love for food mean doing some sort of exercise at least is damn essential. I also did lots and lots of sit-ups which makes me feel very happy and accomplished.

My boyfriend seems to think it's beyond funny to torture me by dragging me into the forest and up a hill not unlike Mount Everest I tell you! I know he means well, but that half hour up the hill quite literally makes me want to kill him and everyone around including myself. It's moments like these that I think food just isn't worth it. Then I proceed to be done with the workout, feel so fucking fabulous I may aswell look like a Victorias Secret model. Which let me clarify I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT. Not even close. Once that is done, I may be good for the rest of the evening, all up until tomorrow.

I don't believe I mentioned, my birthday party went well. Don't know what on Earth I was freaking out about! All one needs is alcohol and everyone is happy, and there was plenty of that luckily. I kid you not it has been close to a year since I had a proper dose of the booze, and while not an alcoholic by any means, I don't know why I didn't go out more and enjoy the feeling of being tipsy and dancing the night away.

On another note, but not completely unrelated, I got a couple of going out dresses for my Birthday from my lovely mother which I SO can't wait to wear! This Friday there is a houseparty, and I plan on wearing one of them. It is very tight, lacy and short. Hence the workout torture ensuing. Hopefully I can keep it up until the weekend at least. Because YES, I am one of those people who believes a little bit of cardio will cause all the excess fat and chubbiness to miraculously drop off.

Talk to you all sooon x

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Toilet seat up?!

What is it with people and leaving the toilet seat up?! I don't even mean just men, but women too! There is a lid for a reason and it simply boggles my mind why people can't learn the basic rule of hygiene to put the damn toilet seat down. A massive pet peeve of mine is when people take photos of their homes or do tours on youtube and the toilet seat is up! Like what?! You can't even put it down for a photo? Believe me it's not that hard.

You would think it's basic etiquette to keep the lid down. Why on Earth do household (at the very least) toilets have a lid if not to be used? Toilets are full of bacteria, truly disgusting. When you think about it, flushing with the seat up just spreads the germs everywhere, and believe they are everywhere! I mean, if you were to compare it to the fridge for example, you never leave that open and yet it is in no way more disgusting than a toilet.

There is also the issue that I have a cat, and not only would it be terrible for her to drink out of it but then she will then groom herself and spread it all over the place. Not to mention I will then stroke her, and proceed to touch other things or continue typing this very post, and you see where this goes right?

But enough toilet talk. Cindy (my cat) had her stitches out just now, after I wrestled to keep her still and my boyfriend (who is also a vet student) removed them. She was spayed a couple weeks ago and is doing great, if only she would of course stop the constant licking! Was very tempted to get her an Elizabethan collar, or as I like to call it, a lampshade, but it was just in the last few days that it seemed to annoy her the most.

I bought two bottles of champagne for the party on Friday I mentioned before, for my Birthday, which is TOMORROW! I know 22 isn't old, but it just seems so much older than 21, like I have officially no more adulthood to achieve, in terms of numbers that is. Anywho! I don't know how much to buy, since it is just a few pre-drinks before heading to town. I'm wondering whether to pick up a couple bottles of wine or just get some vodka and soft drinks? There will be about 15 people I believe. Running out of alcohol seems like a horrible thought, but since I'm not a heavy drinker by any means, don't particularly fancy it sitting around in my kitchen waiting for the apocalypse to hit.

I am now about to go for a cycle, up a HILL apparently and I am so NOT looking forward to it, but since my jeans are currently very unhappy with me, I need to do SOMETHING....

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bin Bags & Vienna Fashion Week

The past week has been a whirlwind. There was Vienna Fashion Week, and then packing and organizing everything before I left for Uni. I stopped off for a mountain weekend with my boyfriend, after not seen him for 2 MONTHS!

I tend to have a habbit of forgetting how active my boyfriend is versus how inactive I am. So when I suggested going for a walk, or a 'hike' up the mountain, our ideas clashed horribly. To me, a hike is a nice walk up a hill. To him it basically equals climbing Mt. Everest in one go as fast as you can.

The highlight for me, other than the spa AKA heaven for the inactive girl, was when we took the ski lift up the mountain wearing bin bags. Allow me to clarify. The weather was classical of a rainy September, and it just didn't seem like the most practical idea to go up in a ski lift, all the while holding umbrellas. So bin bags in the shape of raincoats was the touristy thing to do.

So Vienna Fashion Week. I wore my tallest heels, because nobody wants to feel like a midget, and lets face it, that's where all the super tall people go. Not that I'm short, but in comparison to the models I would barely make it as one. By the end of the night, my feet were MURDERING me!! One forgets the amount of standing around in queues for the next show over and over, and really you're hardly walking far. My feet were going so numb at some points I had to look down just to check they were still there. In my book it was worth it though. Plus it made me look somewhat skinnier, always a good thing when you are not feeling your best in terms of weight.

I am typing all this from my flat at Uni, having gotten back from my first day of classes. The first day back is always hard, especially with a timetable like mine. You also have to re-learn how to write, after not having picked up a pen in forever. Can't wait to get this washing done and curl up in bed with some Revenge and Americas Next Top Model.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Painting, Hair extensions, Pores, Doctors

Today I am painting the bathroom, which I think is completely unnecessary and beyond boring. Plus I just started and reckon it looks like shit AFTER painting it. My mother seems to think it needs repainting as there is a dark shadow around the top edges where ceiling meets wall. Why anyone would possibly care or even notice that boggles my mind. It is literally making me want to kill myself, painting white over white like there's any fucking difference. 

Have had quite the brutal wake-up today when I examined my face in the mirror and could only see PORES staring back at me. It is one of those days where you look like shit therefore feel like shit, but still have to get on with it. 

Have a doctors appointment in a couple hours, to remove a mole on my neck. It has been there forever and I have decided it is time we part ways. The idea of a needle being jabbed into my neck however is not so appealing. 

I wanted to get clip-in extensions but the idea was shot down by all those nearest to me. So I decided not to and now I am regretting that decision because I have like NO HAIR, it very much resembles rat tails. I have tried and tried to fix it with pills and potions but in vain. If anyone has any tips for growing thick shiny hair let me know!

Going back to university in a few days which I am actually very much looking forward to. My mother and I have the kind of relationship that cats and dogs have. One minute we are fine, the next we are at each others throat with a knife. Moving out and studying in a different country was the BEST DECISION EVER! We get on so much better when apart. Does anyone else have that with their parents?

Right enough of this, I had better go check on that paint and continue to have the life sucked out of me. 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Parents and technology

I can't stand re-reading my blog posts. It just makes me want to throw up all over them. I used to get told off for it all the time in primary school. It has always been a pet peeve of mine. These days I only really bother when in an exam, and then I hate every second of it.

On another note there is NOTHING MORE FUNNY than my mother pretending she actually understands technology. Let me elaborate an example for you. She was talking to my brother through Skype, when he was telling her how he can´t remember his password. At which she answers ´yes it´s so hard to remember these days, one has to have a password for everything: your email, TELEVISION, skype, etc. Focus on the television bit. Now I don´t know about you, but we have NEVER had a password for our TV!

She also mistook a horse for a cow yesterday. THANK GOODNESS her daughter is in vet school! Apparently it was the horses fault for having a pattern like a cow.

I am back at home and eating chocolate left, right and centre. It is terrible, I simply don´t know what to do about it. There are cupboards and cupboards full of chocolate and biscuits. Any tips for some self-control? Because I have none when it comes to chocolate! Hence  why my blog name is named after my addiction, couldn´t stop thinking about it even when conjuring up a name.