Friday, 29 August 2014

Parents and technology

I can't stand re-reading my blog posts. It just makes me want to throw up all over them. I used to get told off for it all the time in primary school. It has always been a pet peeve of mine. These days I only really bother when in an exam, and then I hate every second of it.

On another note there is NOTHING MORE FUNNY than my mother pretending she actually understands technology. Let me elaborate an example for you. She was talking to my brother through Skype, when he was telling her how he can´t remember his password. At which she answers ´yes it´s so hard to remember these days, one has to have a password for everything: your email, TELEVISION, skype, etc. Focus on the television bit. Now I don´t know about you, but we have NEVER had a password for our TV!

She also mistook a horse for a cow yesterday. THANK GOODNESS her daughter is in vet school! Apparently it was the horses fault for having a pattern like a cow.

I am back at home and eating chocolate left, right and centre. It is terrible, I simply don´t know what to do about it. There are cupboards and cupboards full of chocolate and biscuits. Any tips for some self-control? Because I have none when it comes to chocolate! Hence  why my blog name is named after my addiction, couldn´t stop thinking about it even when conjuring up a name.

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