Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I ain't no party planner

I'm on my way home after passing my final exam of my third year at vet school!! My 22nd Birthday is coming up. I know! Cringe! Getting old and expected to grow up. 

I'm that person who feels really awkward being in charge of large groups of people or hosting something.  The last time i hosted anything was my 16th birthday party. That was a while ago and it was somewhat chaperoned, being at my parents house and all.

I moved recently and really have been wanting to have people over and even promised I would. I'm sure it will be great fun but it makes me nervous. I'm also really worried I forgot to invite someone! What if they then feel really offended?! 

Well now I have a couple weeks to panic about it! I know I will freak out about whether I have enough drinks, snacks, etc and then if people will show up or not. Paranoid much?! 

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