Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Painting, Hair extensions, Pores, Doctors

Today I am painting the bathroom, which I think is completely unnecessary and beyond boring. Plus I just started and reckon it looks like shit AFTER painting it. My mother seems to think it needs repainting as there is a dark shadow around the top edges where ceiling meets wall. Why anyone would possibly care or even notice that boggles my mind. It is literally making me want to kill myself, painting white over white like there's any fucking difference. 

Have had quite the brutal wake-up today when I examined my face in the mirror and could only see PORES staring back at me. It is one of those days where you look like shit therefore feel like shit, but still have to get on with it. 

Have a doctors appointment in a couple hours, to remove a mole on my neck. It has been there forever and I have decided it is time we part ways. The idea of a needle being jabbed into my neck however is not so appealing. 

I wanted to get clip-in extensions but the idea was shot down by all those nearest to me. So I decided not to and now I am regretting that decision because I have like NO HAIR, it very much resembles rat tails. I have tried and tried to fix it with pills and potions but in vain. If anyone has any tips for growing thick shiny hair let me know!

Going back to university in a few days which I am actually very much looking forward to. My mother and I have the kind of relationship that cats and dogs have. One minute we are fine, the next we are at each others throat with a knife. Moving out and studying in a different country was the BEST DECISION EVER! We get on so much better when apart. Does anyone else have that with their parents?

Right enough of this, I had better go check on that paint and continue to have the life sucked out of me. 

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