Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bin Bags & Vienna Fashion Week

The past week has been a whirlwind. There was Vienna Fashion Week, and then packing and organizing everything before I left for Uni. I stopped off for a mountain weekend with my boyfriend, after not seen him for 2 MONTHS!

I tend to have a habbit of forgetting how active my boyfriend is versus how inactive I am. So when I suggested going for a walk, or a 'hike' up the mountain, our ideas clashed horribly. To me, a hike is a nice walk up a hill. To him it basically equals climbing Mt. Everest in one go as fast as you can.

The highlight for me, other than the spa AKA heaven for the inactive girl, was when we took the ski lift up the mountain wearing bin bags. Allow me to clarify. The weather was classical of a rainy September, and it just didn't seem like the most practical idea to go up in a ski lift, all the while holding umbrellas. So bin bags in the shape of raincoats was the touristy thing to do.

So Vienna Fashion Week. I wore my tallest heels, because nobody wants to feel like a midget, and lets face it, that's where all the super tall people go. Not that I'm short, but in comparison to the models I would barely make it as one. By the end of the night, my feet were MURDERING me!! One forgets the amount of standing around in queues for the next show over and over, and really you're hardly walking far. My feet were going so numb at some points I had to look down just to check they were still there. In my book it was worth it though. Plus it made me look somewhat skinnier, always a good thing when you are not feeling your best in terms of weight.

I am typing all this from my flat at Uni, having gotten back from my first day of classes. The first day back is always hard, especially with a timetable like mine. You also have to re-learn how to write, after not having picked up a pen in forever. Can't wait to get this washing done and curl up in bed with some Revenge and Americas Next Top Model.

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