Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Toilet seat up?!

What is it with people and leaving the toilet seat up?! I don't even mean just men, but women too! There is a lid for a reason and it simply boggles my mind why people can't learn the basic rule of hygiene to put the damn toilet seat down. A massive pet peeve of mine is when people take photos of their homes or do tours on youtube and the toilet seat is up! Like what?! You can't even put it down for a photo? Believe me it's not that hard.

You would think it's basic etiquette to keep the lid down. Why on Earth do household (at the very least) toilets have a lid if not to be used? Toilets are full of bacteria, truly disgusting. When you think about it, flushing with the seat up just spreads the germs everywhere, and believe they are everywhere! I mean, if you were to compare it to the fridge for example, you never leave that open and yet it is in no way more disgusting than a toilet.

There is also the issue that I have a cat, and not only would it be terrible for her to drink out of it but then she will then groom herself and spread it all over the place. Not to mention I will then stroke her, and proceed to touch other things or continue typing this very post, and you see where this goes right?

But enough toilet talk. Cindy (my cat) had her stitches out just now, after I wrestled to keep her still and my boyfriend (who is also a vet student) removed them. She was spayed a couple weeks ago and is doing great, if only she would of course stop the constant licking! Was very tempted to get her an Elizabethan collar, or as I like to call it, a lampshade, but it was just in the last few days that it seemed to annoy her the most.

I bought two bottles of champagne for the party on Friday I mentioned before, for my Birthday, which is TOMORROW! I know 22 isn't old, but it just seems so much older than 21, like I have officially no more adulthood to achieve, in terms of numbers that is. Anywho! I don't know how much to buy, since it is just a few pre-drinks before heading to town. I'm wondering whether to pick up a couple bottles of wine or just get some vodka and soft drinks? There will be about 15 people I believe. Running out of alcohol seems like a horrible thought, but since I'm not a heavy drinker by any means, don't particularly fancy it sitting around in my kitchen waiting for the apocalypse to hit.

I am now about to go for a cycle, up a HILL apparently and I am so NOT looking forward to it, but since my jeans are currently very unhappy with me, I need to do SOMETHING....

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