Wednesday, 24 September 2014


It is past 7pm and I just got back from a near fatal bike ride. I don't believe there are enough words in the English language and synonyms to describe how much I fucking HATE working out! Unfortunately my greediness and love for food mean doing some sort of exercise at least is damn essential. I also did lots and lots of sit-ups which makes me feel very happy and accomplished.

My boyfriend seems to think it's beyond funny to torture me by dragging me into the forest and up a hill not unlike Mount Everest I tell you! I know he means well, but that half hour up the hill quite literally makes me want to kill him and everyone around including myself. It's moments like these that I think food just isn't worth it. Then I proceed to be done with the workout, feel so fucking fabulous I may aswell look like a Victorias Secret model. Which let me clarify I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT. Not even close. Once that is done, I may be good for the rest of the evening, all up until tomorrow.

I don't believe I mentioned, my birthday party went well. Don't know what on Earth I was freaking out about! All one needs is alcohol and everyone is happy, and there was plenty of that luckily. I kid you not it has been close to a year since I had a proper dose of the booze, and while not an alcoholic by any means, I don't know why I didn't go out more and enjoy the feeling of being tipsy and dancing the night away.

On another note, but not completely unrelated, I got a couple of going out dresses for my Birthday from my lovely mother which I SO can't wait to wear! This Friday there is a houseparty, and I plan on wearing one of them. It is very tight, lacy and short. Hence the workout torture ensuing. Hopefully I can keep it up until the weekend at least. Because YES, I am one of those people who believes a little bit of cardio will cause all the excess fat and chubbiness to miraculously drop off.

Talk to you all sooon x

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