Monday, 13 October 2014

Getting vetty!

You know when you put off doing something so much you end up feeling like you can't get back on track. That has happened with this blog lately. I have had these ideas, but whenever I get them, it seems I haven't been able to get them down quick enough.

Vet student life is looking up. You will never guess where my arm was last Friday afternoon! OH YES, up a cows rectum, or arse if you will. This is what every vet student waits for impatiently, that day when we can finally truly admit to being a proper vet student. Highlight of my studies I tell you! Yes, yes, there is the delightfulness of it in fact being the cows behind, but I have been preparing for that moment for YEARS! However, what I was in no way whatsoever prepared for was the emptying out of the faeces prior to sticking your arm in there. There are no words, I almost threw up then and there. Luckily that was the professors job, as he was first, then it was done. It was a very bizarre sensation and the cow was have an absolute whale of a time farting away done our arms. All in all quite the experience!

The weather has significantly perked up this weekend, hitting 21 degrees and sunny! So in between the studying I sneaked up the mountain with my boyfriend for some lunch in the Sun, and hopefully got some colour. We also went toboganning (is that even a word?!). It involves a long slide, and a little cart for each person to sit in. You then proceed to be pulled up the slide and can control the break when you go down. I am proud to announce I barely used the break and it was fabulous, reached 39km/h as my record. I rather want to go again next weekend if the weather allows.

I have lately been having issues with restaurants and ordering food and being told they don't have it at the moment. Let me tell you there is nothing more dissappointing than getting all hyped up ALL DAY LONG for dinner and then being told 'sorry miss we don't have prawns tonight'! As a pescatarian who loves her prawns, this did NOT sit well with me and I must admit I almost broke down into tears and demanded we go somewhere else for dinner. Yes, I am that dramatic. In the end I had a grilled salmon salad, which was not bad at all and I might consider going back to the restaurant for it, but I am most definitely NOT OVER IT.

Better get back to my very very exciting revision before I have to go back to class x

p.s. here is a visual.

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