Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lazy Weekends

It is Sunday 3pm and I have quite literally done nothing productive. Unless you were to count watching an episode of Gilmore Girls and the newest Greys Anatomy as something one could in any way term productive. I have been so incredibly busy with exams lately, but I think things will be slow down a little for the next couple of weeks at least as the exams I do have aren't quite as big.

Yesterday I cleaned and organized and prepared all my work for today, and now it just needs to be done.

My absolute favourite thing to do on the weekend is sleep in until my body naturally wakes up, which is easily around midday. This is followed by breakfast which of course must include chocolate. This weekend it was pancakes. I like mine with natural low fat yoghurt inside, rolled up and melted chocolate added on top. Then I proceed to get right back into bed after making it, and watch series for the better part of the afternoon.

I have signed up for the gym! It ocurred somewhere in between revision about two weeks ago that I realised I will die at the age of 50 or less if I don't get my act together and do some exercise and at least attempt to eat more healthy. Doing classes has been my solution as we all know how much I hate working out on my own. Spinning has always been a favourite of mine, now pilates is joining the mix and a new thing called piloxing. It is apparently a mix of pilates, boxing, dancing and some ballet moves. It is fun and seems to be actually working for me.

OMG, yesterday also happened to be a legally blonde movie day for me. One simply cannot stress how good those movies are! Both of them. Motivating, inspiring and especially the second all about a great cause and raising awareness about the cosmetic industry and animal testing. LOVE IT

Anywhooo I am planning on doing some uni work soon and have decided to try a youtube for beginners yoga video. I will get back to you on how that goes. Already sat here in my yoga outfit, so I am prepared.

The other big news or somewhat big is I have made a new blog. This one is fun, but the name and the content just don't seem to merge well. I haven't decided if I will incorporate this one  into my new one or keep them separate, but I shall keep you posted. It is: and is more of a lifestyle blog you could say.

Chat soon x

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