Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I ate an elephant

It is midnight and I am sat in bed with a green face mask on very much resembling the hulk minus the buns of steel. Feel like i ate an elephant and its jumping about inside me scolding me for it. Literally don't know how I will lift myself up from this food coma, which the combination of was quite frankly utterly disgusting. Had tortilla bread with salmon and chopped onion which, despite the weird choice of bread (sometimes i try to avoid stocking up on carbs, NEVER SUGAR) was actually pretty good. Had I only eaten that I perhaps wouldn't be feeling so ridden with guilt but THEN of course being the undisciplined pig that I am ABSOLUTELY HAD to have two bowls of cornflakes with enough chocolate powder to stop a fleet of swallows heading down south for the winter. 

Being female isn't hard, its downright impossible! How the fuck are we supposed to stay thin with all the  hormonal food cravings?! It's unnatural. Thank god for bikini season being almost over. Now I am about to spend a week in jogging bottoms which can allow my backside to expand to the size of China should it wish. I may never fully recover.

In other news, heading back to University tomorrow to get on the studying bandwagon I HOPE!!! Why on earth I felt the need to choose such a long, hard career I don't bloody know. Maybe clarity will hit one day, although I'm still waiting. Right I had better switch off now, what with all the packing that awaits me in the morning *SIGH*. 

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