Saturday, 9 August 2014

Where to start?

It is a gorgeous sunny Summer day, and yet here I am tucked into bed like it's midnight. There's really quite a simple answer for it, exams. Yes my darlings, it is still that time of year for me unfortunately. I have exactly ten days until my last final and what better time than to create a blog! At the height of distractions, one cannot simply put their head down and get on with it. 

I have been reading blogs for years now, waiting to take the plunge, wondering what on Earth I would write about. There really is no perfect time for it, so I am diving right in. Sharing my views and experiences with y'all (don't ask).

So once I have set up a cute background, and played around with it until I have no more fonts to choose from I had better get back to some studying. 

Catch you soon x


  1. There really is never a good time to start a blog. Good luck with figuring it all out. I'm doing a giveaway to mark 1/2 a year so far. Details and hotwl to enter at